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Seaside Heights
Description and Photos

Seaside Heights Sign Step right up to the honky tonk capital of the jersey shore! Seaside Heights offers a little bit of everything for everyone. Although during the day and evenings you will think you are in a California Beach community, there are activities for the over 19 crowd too. The arcades and rides concentrated on the boardwalk in this shore community attracts a teenage crowd that doesn't quit when the sun begins to set.

Beach passes can be obtained on a daily or seasonal basis and the community offers a free beach on specific days during the week. Home of the Pepsi generation you will also find MTV and fireworks offered one night during the week, with a spectacular view from the boardwalk.

Seaside Heights Beach in the evening After the sun sets you will find the boardwalk still packed with a more family orientated crowd while the younger set moves to the strip for the nightlife offered by the bars and nightclubs in this section.

Parking can be found rather easily in one of the numerous private lots although it can put a dent in your finances. Street parking is metered and can run a close second to the private lots if you are staying longer than two or three hours. There is a free parking lot as you enter the town and the money you would spend replacing the soles of your shoes would be better spent on a closer parking spot.

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Seaside Heights Sling Shot Seaside Heights Sling Shot

Seaside Heights Boardwalk Rides are abundant in Seaside heights and range from Kiddie rides to a Sling shot ride, that will make you feel as though you are on an Apollo Space Mission. There is also a Water Works Amusement Park which offers water-slide thrills for those who prefer slides to the ocean surf. Umbrellas, lounge chairs and inflatable rafts are all available on the beach for a fee. The borough offers free beach wheelchairs and prohibits glass bottles and alcohol on the sand. Coolers of 32-quart capacity and less are permitted and are subject to inspection. Boardwalk concessions also offer a wide variety just about every food you could crave.

There also is a bay beach which is free all season and offers free parking, crabbing docks, watercraft rentals, tennis, baseball and basketball courts.

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Seaside Heights
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